I’m Caroline Bright!


Surprisingly Interesting. Polyanna Polymath.

I’m a native Vermonter who now lives in Philadelphia. My professional background is mostly in Politics and Nonprofit work, but these days I work as a Flight Attendant for a major US Airline, as A Professional Bridesmaid, and I have an Etsy Store too, because I’m a millennial who makes a few things. I’m the mother of too many furred beasts (4 cats and 2.5 dogs), a bold lipstick enthusiast, and the wife of an All-American hero.

In 2019 I got married and started work on my Master Of Divinity degree at Meadville-Lombard Theological School in the same week. I married Mr. Joel Bright (oh, yes- he TOOK MY NAME WHAT?!) and also to become a Unitarian Universalist Minister. Woah, right?

I started blogging during my first year of college- 2007 was a VERY different time to be on the internet! Since then, I’ve written for various organizations and websites while doing a bunch of other things. I started my latest blog, High Flying Adored, in 2015 because I was consistently being asked the same questions about being a Flight Attendant. I love answering questions! There are so many elements of this lifestyle that people wonder about. What is being a Flight Attendant like? How do you even apply? What happens when you're a new hire? How do you pack your suitcase? You’ll find answers to all of those things here.

I also write about products I love (mostly skincare and makeup), clothes I’m obsessed with, current issues that I have opinions about, and wedding etiquette.

Fun Facts:

  • I ran for the Vermont State Legislature in 2012 and 2016.

  • I grew up in Vermont, Indonesia, and London.

  • I competed at Miss America as Miss Vermont 2010.

  • I’m a massive nerd (even if I have mastered applying false eyelashes) and I love everything Tamora Pierce has ever written, Doctor Who, and obviously Harry Potter.

  • I’m a proud sister of Chi Omega.

  • I actively enjoy black licorice and generally prefer sour things to sweet.

  • Cross stitching is my jam, but if I feel the urge to craft on a work trip I knit because it’s more transportable.

  • My enneagram type is 3w2 like WOAHHHH.

Disclaimer: most, but not all, of the links on this blog are monetized. I only promote products or items that I have personally tried and enjoy.